The Tick is a superhero dedicated to defending justice in The City.


The Tick appears to Arthur Everest when he is investigating Miss Lint's criminal operation. He is planning to stop the criminals until the police arrive. The Tick disappears, and Arthur is arrested for trespassing. At the police station, The Tick arrives and offers to help Arthur leave, but the police are already planning to release him into the custody of his sister, Dot Everest.

Going back to Miss Lint's warehouse, The Tick effortlessly defeats the criminals and causes a massive explosion that destroys the facility. He also takes a case that contains a winged supersuit.

Arthur wakes up to find The Tick laying next to him. Arthur thinks he is going crazy, but The Tick tells him he is actually going sane in a crazy world. As the Tick looks around Arthur's apartment, trying to find the access to his secret lair by pulling random objects, he finds Arthur's wall of newspaper clippings about The Terror. Once more asking Arthur to join him as a crime fighting duo, he points to the case containing the supersuit. Believing that Arthur is a hero at heart, The Tick tells him to put on the suit.


The Tick is unfailingly polite and optimistic, and dedicated to the ideals of fighting for justice, as seen in many of his dramatic monologues. However, his much more lenient views of fighting crime put him at odds with his polar-opposite, the dark, brooding and bloodthirsty vigilante Overkill.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

The Tick is nigh-invulnerable and has the agility of an Olympic-level jungle cat. He has the strength of ten or twenty burly men – an entire crowded bus stop of men.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Tick is played by Peter Serafinowicz in the Amazon Video original series.

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