The Tick is the main protagonist of the Tick franchise.

Background Edit

Comics Edit

In the comic series, the Tick is a wacky hero who escaped from a mental hospital and started fighting crime in the City. Not much is known about The Tick's past because he is amnesiac. However, in one comic it is revealed that The Tick had a wife and children, but this may have been his imagination.

Animated Series Edit

In the 1994 cartoon, the Tick's origin was considerably changed to be more appropriate for children. In an interview, the Tick recalls crashing the National Super Institute in Reno by demonstrating his nigh invulnerability in a dangerous device which explodes, destroying the entire building and leaving the judges astonished. The Tick is then assigned to the City.

Like in the comics, not much is known about the Tick. He doesn't recall his own past and assumes he has always been a hero stating that he doesn't know much else.

During the series, The Tick is never seen without his costume on, even when off duty. 

Live Action Series (2001) Edit

In the Live Action series, the Tick is found patrolling a bus station. After receiving a bus ticket to the city, it is suggested he leave because he defeated his archenemy, the coffee machine. Doing so, he meets Arthur and inadvertently causes the activation of a killer robot.

Live Action Series (2016) Edit

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