Real Name:
Age: Really really old
Hometown: New York (comic), The City (cartoon, tv series)
Former Sidekick:
Sidekick To:
Former Sidekick To:
Group: The Evileers
Former Group:
Headquarters: Giant mechanical spider-like vehicle/building
Costume: Black jumpsuit with big letter T on it. Occasionally wears black hood.
Relationship Status:
Relatives: Son, grandkids, great grandkids
First Appearance:
Former Occupation:
Transportation: See "Headquarters" above
Appears In: The Tick 12, The Tick vs. Arthur's Bank Account, The Terror
Arch-Nemesis: Originally Barry, now The Tick
Voiced By: Rob Paulsen (cartoon)
Played By: Armin Shimerman (2001 tv series); Jackie Earle Haley (2017 tv series)
Died: Thought to be killed by the Man-Eating Cow in a Christmas special, but he reappears in later comics.
Parody of:

In his prime, The Terror was a force to be reckoned with, but he's so old he's not able to pose much of a threat anymore.

The Terror vs. The TickEdit

He's Barry's old nemesis. Barry tricks him into thinking that he's changed his costume to blue and has a new sidekick, so The Terror now thinks that The Tick is his old nemesis.


The Terror supposedly met his end in a mountain chalet, where he and the rest of The Evileers were trying to destroy the Tick and his supergroup, but the Man-Eating Cow found them and devoured them.

However, The Terror appears in later comics, so he apparently survived the attack.

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