Glad the Tick is a part of Wikia! needs some work but, I hope I can contribute and build this wiki up as much as I can. Going to start by adding as many pages as I can so they can be fleshed out as much as possible.

Say hey sometime, I'll be on here or on the Creepypasta wiki when I'm in the mood for some scary stories.

Rundevil 10:43, January 17, 2012 (UTC)

Im working on editing out some pages with information. A word of advice to other's editing this wiki please don't add a page for a character if said character already has a page. Thank You. Im gonna slowly work on getting information on at least 50 percent of the characters up on here. Along with some bios of certain characters from the official "The Tick: Circus Maximus". Also Im going to try to get some decent images of characters to. Hope you all enjoy my edits as they come. - TRR

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