Overkill is an unhinged vigilante and former agent of AEGIS operating in The City.


Overkill is a vigilante with hands and eyes made of metal. Described by a City cop as a "robo-ninja", he believes that violence is always the best solution to a problem. His past is a mystery, but it is known that he was once an agent for the organization called AEGIS until he somehow finally snapped mentally, and he admitted to having a social media account under the pseudonym GunSkull17, also looking at Arthur Everest's Reddit thread regarding the conspiracies about The Terror's survival. These days, he has a vendetta against The Terror himself, who he also believes is still alive.

It has been suggested that he was a former love interest for Miss Lint.


Overkill is your typical masked gun-toting vigilante who punishes evildoers wherever he goes. However, his dark attitude frequently clashes with the more noble seeker of justice The Tick, and as a result, they often jab at each other. Like Arthur, he is implied to have an extreme version of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), as seen in his fervent search for proof that The Terror lived through his last battle with Superian.

Behind the scenesEdit

Overkill is played by Scott Speiser in the Amazon Video original series.

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