The Fiddler Crab is a supervillain and an enemy of The Tick and Arthur. He first appears in The Tick: Big Blue Destiny in Issue No. 2 which was published in 1997. The Fiddler Crab possesses super strength and has claws which he uses to attack his enemies. Fiddler Crab also speaks with a heavy French accent and calls people "Mon Ami" and says "zee" instead of "the".

About Edit

The Fiddler Crab was once a young man named Michelle Fromage. He was often mocked and felt bad about himself for having a girl's name. He is nicknamed "Shelly" by The Tick. His surname "Fromage" is a pun on Fromage frais a sweet cheese made from cream and milk that is served as a desert in France.

When Michelle was only five years old, his father was killed in a tragic Moose related accident. He says the details

Michelle arm wrestles with The Tick

of the accident are "too grizzly and embarrassing to recount". His mother was a poor under arm barber who did her best to take care of him and his siblings with the advent of deodorant spray. When Michelle was a young man he became a street urchin, looking for places to seek refuge in. One day, he came across a bar where "steenky old men" were having an arm wrestling match. He decided to join in an arm wrestling match and despite how scrawny he was at the time, defeated the old man. Michelle became an arm wrestling champion and one day competed in an arm wrestling tournament against The Tick. He lost against The Tick and began to despise him and felt as if he had been humiliated.

Michelle dressed up as a crab and became a supervillain, he then started calling himself "The Fiddler Crab" and vowed to get revenge on The Tick for humiliating him.

Fiddler Crab attacked The Tick while he was in the bathroom but then The Tick tried to reason with Fiddler Crab instead of fight him. The Fiddler Crab decided to befriend Tick instead and went to a Coin & Stamp Show with Arthur. Fiddler Crab said he was a "coin enthusiast".