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Dinosaur Neil is a character from the animated television series, The Tick. Voiced by Danny Mann, he is a near middle-aged man with a thick moustache who works at a dinosaur park, apparently as a mascot: he is always seen wearing a green dinosaur outfit. However, he is actually a paleontologist.


Neil made his debut in the episode, "The Tick vs. Dinosaur Neil". One unfortunate day, Neil accidentally ate one of his own dinosaur-cloning experiments (confusing it for the pasta salad he was eating at the time) which mutated his DNA and turned him in to a 70 foot dinosaur. Even in this form he still retained his thick moustache. The Tick was able to transform him back by dosing him with aspirin, and he subsequently befriended Dot, the sister of the Tick's sidekick, Arthur.

Neil reappeared in "Tick vs. Dot and Neil's Wedding" where he and Arthur's sister, Dot, are getting married. However, a group of supervillains who had previously battled The Tick and lost — Chairface Chippendale, the Breadmaster, and El Seed — planned to tamper with Neil's aspirin (which keeps him from growing) and take control of the giant Neil for their own evil purposes.

The wedding is crashed by El Seed's man-eating flower bouquet and Breadmaster's exploding wedding cake, and while The Tick and Arthur deal with these, Chairface sends the uniquely talented Indigestible Man to be swallowed up the rampaging Neil in order to plant a remote control device into his brain.

The Tick, Arthur, and Dot — following instructions left by Neil in the event that he should ever become an out of control dinosaur again — cover a submarine borrowed from Sewer Urchin in raw meat, and are swallowed by Neil as well, where The Tick has to defeat the Indigestible Man and remove the "swollen DNA" from Neil's brain that's the source of his mutations.

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