Caped Cod's appearance

Caped Cod is a superhero who lived in The City, and was associated with The Tick and Arthur. Later he moved to Blissburg, which The Tick and Arthur found out wasn't a real place, making his whereabouts unknown. He first appeared in The Tick and Arthur #2. He has become one of the main characters in the new Tick series.


Caped Cod's real name is Walter St. Dubois. His origin isn't explained. He claims to have fought and defeated the princes of the lost island of Atlantis in a mixed martial arts tournament. He has had many sidekicks but he goes through them fast. As a person Cod is a foul mouthed, vulgar person. He keeps brass knuckles, cigars, matches, chewing tobacco, and rolling paper in his utility belt. He has a crush on the superheroine Bumbling Bee despite her being in love with Rubber Ducky, and has tried proposing to her which always been rejected. After moving to Blissburg which was exposed as a fraud where Cod is, is unknown except for the fact that he shows up at a place called rhe Comet Club.