Arthur portrait
Real Name: Arthur (last name unknown, but has been said to be unique)
Alias: Moth Man
Gender: Male
Age: Early 30's
Hometown: The City
Sidekick: None
Former Sidekick: None
Sidekick To: The Tick
Former Sidekick To:
Group: Unnamed Supergroup
Former Group: The League of Superheroes
Headquarters: Arthur's Apartment, Barry's Headquarters, Unnamed Supergroup's Headquarters
Superpowers: None. only can fly or do what a normal human would do.
Weaknesses: Weak, somewhat out of shape, frightens easily
Gadgets: Flying suit with capabilities he doesn't even know about
Costume: White, with moth antennae and wings (unknown to him it's a power suit)
Clothing: white spandex, with a backpack for wings
Relationship Status: Dating: Chet (comic), Carmelita (cartoon)
Relatives: Father: Harry
Mother: Unknown
Sisters: Dot & Alice
Brothers in Law: Dinosaur Neil & Errol
Various nephews & nieces
First Appearance: The Tick 4 (barely visible in The Tick 1) (Comics)
The Tick vs. The Idea Men (Animated)
The Tick vs. The Red Scare (Live-Action)
Occupation: Sidekick to The Tick.
Former Occupation: Accountant (fired/quit to become a superhero)
Transportation: 1981 Ford Mercury Bobcat Villager
Appears In: Comics, Cartoon, TV Series
Voiced By: Rob Paulson (seasons 2-3) [Cartoon]
Played By:
Parody of:

General Paragraph


Arthur was an accountant before he met The Tick and they became a crime-fighting duo. The 2001 live action Tick series reveals more of Arthur's early life and that he had a sister and a mother whose name was Bea. It is also known that Arthur is of Jewish descent. His catchphrase is "Not in the face! Not in the face!" He came up with it in season 2 episode 3 titled "Armless But Not Harmless" while sitting in a coffee shop with The Tick who comes up with the idea that they should have neat catchphrases they would say before they fight crime.

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